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In spite of the failing economic system, Hillary twists the election focus on political correctness

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is truly one for the ages. From the email scandal to the mysterious illness and everything in between, the briefest of analyses would lead you to realize that she is completely unfit to be president. Even when you toss aside her endless amount of corruption, her policies alone are reason enough to disqualify her from holding the presidency. She truly has the potential to leave the country in shambles if she ends up being elected.

Since people have recently caught onto the fact that Hillary’s political policies are terrible, and not at all what America needs at the moment, her campaign is doing everything in their power to draw attention away from that fact in order to brainwash the American public to see things their way. They’ve now discovered that everyone sees through Hillary’s stupid policies and are trying to push a political correctness agenda in order to garner votes.

Sadly, it seems to be working pretty well.

Due to the current political climate, the Regressive Left has guilt-tripped people into pretending they care about complete non-issues. Betsy McCaughey of The New York Post reports, “For example, Hillary is running an ad depicting pre-teen girls looking self-consciously in the mirror, agonizing over their bodies. Sometimes such young girls’ worries turn into deadly eating disorders, ultimately killing 10 percent of those affected. Clinton cynically exploits the pain and fear felt by thousands of families.”

In the grand scheme of things, these are issues that don’t hold a candle to the problems that America is currently facing. They are individual issues that the federal government has no right interjecting itself into. There are issues that the government should be fixing — and they have nothing to do with this political correct garbage that we have all be subjected to lately.

We should all be prepared for the destruction that President Hillary Clinton will inevitably cause. She is completely unfit to be the leader of the free world, but that looks to be what is going to happen. People continue to buy into the lies that she and her campaign are pushing — and that is going to push it right over the edge. We have to stand up for logic and freedom if our country is going to survive.

Make your voice heard at the polls this fall. We have to vote intelligently — and for the right reasons — by avoiding the political correctness agenda.



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